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A Personal Tour Guide In Your Passenger Seat

Wyoming-Based Tech Company Gains Momentum With New Routes, National Press and Android Launch

Jackson Hole, WY (Aug, 2013)—Do you know the real reason Wyoming became the first state to give voting rights to women in 1890? This fun historical fact and dozens of others are shared wirelessly and on-location by the new mobile app TravelStorysGPS™, a mission-driven, all-women, tech company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After a fantastic summer season with national media acclaim, expansion into Android OS, and a proliferation of new routes and story options, TravelStorysGPS™ is looking forward to even more audience growth, story expansion and OS launches ahead.

Aimed at Jackson Hole’s 3+ million annual visitors, TravelStorysGPS is a free mobile app intended to connect people with the stunning Teton landscape around them. Through on-location storytelling—triggered by GPS on mobile devices—listeners are treated to audio tours that match their pace, location and interests. “TravelStorysGPS™ offers a unique platform to share oral history, branded story-telling, and pretty much any content you can imagine, on-location, to anyone interested in the landscape around them,” said TravelStorysGPS™ Founder and CEO, Story Clark. “Looking into the next six months, we’re extremely excited to expand state-wide and nationally with more audio tours and a handsome app re-design.”

New TravelStorysGPS™ Tours Coming in Fall 2013 Include:

Teton Adventure Tour
Stories of adventure and mountain rescue in the Teton Mountains and region.

Jackson Hole Gallery Tour
Walking tour of Jackson Hole’s art scene.

Jackson Hole Downtown Historical Tour
Walking tour of Jackson Hole’s downtown historical building and places.

Jackson Hole Airport Tour
Walking/driving orientation and art tour of the facility and its unique location in Grand Teton National Park.

**Story courtesy of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.