Teton Valley Market Report | Mid Year

On behalf of our team of dedicated professionals at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, we are pleased to present our comprehensive market report for mid-year 2017. In this detailed report, you will find information on the market segments making up the Teton Valley area including Alta, Wyoming. As the market leader, we have developed a more dynamic report that sheds fresh light on the insights and trends that are shaping our real estate market.

The market in the first half of 2017 experienced an increase in the number of transactions, up about 19% compared to 2016. The average sale price increased by 26% and median sale price increased substantially by 97%. This substantial increase can be attributed to a large number of transactions over $1M in Huntsman Springs. Also, this caused a large increase in total dollar volume, up 50% from $35,877,800 in 2016 to $53,744,445 in the first half of 2017. The inventory shortage did slightly improve at mid-year 2017, with the number of listings increasing by 3%. Although, single family home inventory decreased by about 9%. Click here to view full report.

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