The “South of Jackson” market area extends from the southern border of town at High School Road to the first intersection of Highway 89 with the Snake River. The area includes a large variety of property types including large swaths of open ranch land, some commercial and light-industrial areas along Highway 89, horse property, luxury homes, planned unit developments, and some townhomes. This area is popular with locals and 2nd homeowners for the close proximity to town yet provides a sense of tranquility and openness. The area includes subdivisions such as Rafter J and Melody Ranch which are suburban Planned Unit Developments and 3 Creek Ranch which is a private ultra-luxury development built around a private Reese Jones-designed golf course. The neighborhood generally referred to as “South Park” encompasses several subdivisions including South Park Ranches which provides ranchette type properties on about 2.5 acre parcels, as well as pockets of larger acreage subdivisions such as Polo Ranches, Canadian Springs, Flat Creek Fishing Club, and Shootin’ Iron Ranches, all of which are located off South Park Loop Road. Additionally, there is more rural highland neighborhood with larger parcels known as Game Creek.

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